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Corporate Considerations for the Group Practice

Income Division for Group Practices

         By: Robert J. Landau, Esq.

Partial Retirement in a Group Practice

         By: Robert J. Landau, Esq. and Robert A. Wade, Esq.

Ophthalmic Practice Buy-ins and Payouts: A “How to” Guide for Bringing on a New Partner

         By: Robert A. Wade, Esq. and Robert J. Landau, Esq.

Negotiating Your Buy-in

         By: Mark D. Abruzzo, Esq.

Partnership Pitfalls: Preparing for the Unexpected

         By: Robert J. Landau, Esq. and Robert A. Wade, Esq.

Practice Valuations: What’s Your Practice Worth Today?

         By: Mark D. Abruzzo, Esq.

Employment Law

Developing Social Media Strategies and Policies

         By: Caroline J. Patterson, Esq. and Jill S. Garabedian, Esq.

Employment Law for the Small Ophthalmology Practice

         By: Jill S. Garabedian, Esq., Caroline J. Patterson, Esq., Ashley                   R. Geary, Esq. and Julia S. H. Prospero, Esq.

A Practical Guide to Understanding Your Employment Agreement

         By: Robert J. Landau, Esq., Caroline J. Patterson, Esq.

and Julia  S. H. Prospero, Esq.

Sexual Harassment at Work

         By: Ashley R. Geary, Esq., Jill S. Garabedian, Esq. and Julia S. H.                 Prospero, Esq. 

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