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Employment Contracts, Practice Policies and Procedures, Employee Handbooks, Social Media Policies, Discipline and Termination

Wade, Goldstein’s attorneys advise clients on the multitude of operational business issues their practices encounter, such as employing and discharging professional and staff personnel and all other matters relating to employment law, group issues such as governance, compensation and disability, ownership buy-ins and pay-outs, real estate and equipment leasing, and managed care provider arrangements. While Wade, Goldstein counsels clients in a variety of personnel and employment matters relating to professional, executive, administrative and other office employees, it specifically addresses employment matters unique to the heath care industry. Among the most common of these are issues related to the departure of owner-physicians and separation of other physician employees. In these situations, the Wade, Goldstein attorneys are experienced in drafting and negotiating separation agreements, and providing guidance on various restrictive covenant issues and related contractual disputes.

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